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Technology is an inseparable part of strategic thinking in today’s economy. To stay competitive and survive in the global economy companies and organizations must see technologies as intrinsic to their entire corporate strategy. Success depends on the right and innovative use of technology in corporate strategy development.

This is where SolidPath excels, we are a leading strategy to execution advisor. Our team leverages experience in Alberta and other provinces to provide end-to-end strategic technology advisory, assessments, marketing and business transformations.

Let SolidPath be your strategic enabler to drive the ambition and empower your success!


At SolidPath, our team is experienced in leading many types of projects from technology strategy, assessments, to business transformation programs. Our technology advisors bring strong technical acumen, project planning and project delivery abilities supported by a framework that provides us a unique way of looking at technology, business improvement and marketing programs.
This framework brings together our team of leading practitioners from technology, business, functional competency and project delivery, to create a model just for your company or organization. Working collaboratively with you to plan, and deliver from concept to completion, a strategy that will lead to tangible benefits while building and strengthen a long-term relationship with you.
To be successful in this competitive technology marketplace, SolidPath has developed a variety of delivery services offerings:


Strategy and Advising. How can technology be used to drive the ambition and/or the means to achieve it?

Assessments. What is your current state? Where do you want to be?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. How can you benefit from these transformative technologies?

Technology Business Transformations:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technology Performance Coaching

Innovation Adoption and Implementation Strategy

Innovation Evaluation and Governance


At SolidPath, we will bring you a proven framework, accelerators and our extensive technology experience to help you realize your vision, inspire confidence, and deliver stellar results for the successful delivery of your goals well into the future.

About Us

SolidPath is Technology Consulting firm delivers deep technology strategic insight, expertise, business transformations and marketing, with a tailored methodology to help your company or organizational confidently face today’s competitive global economy.

We can see beyond the surface of changes and challenges companies and organizations face in this fast-changing world to discover opportunities that others might miss ensuring you face the future with greater profitability and confidence!

Our unique, consultative framework and accelerators will help your company or organization envision, build and run innovatively and efficiently.

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